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Tenant Directory 

Regions Center is headquarters to many of Shreveport's finest locally owned companies, as well as home to a number of outstanding regional and national corporate branch offices.  For your convenience, Regions Building and Regions Tower tenants are listed alphabetically below.  For additional information, visit the Regions Center directory located at the top of the escalators, the Regions Building directory located near the Texas Street entrance, the Regions Tower directory located near the Market Street entrance or stop by the security console located on the first floor of the Atrium for directions.

Tenant Company Name                                 Building Name                              Suite#              
Aaron & Peggy Selber Oil Co. Regions Tower 1250
Aaron Smith Regions Building 1119
Anderson Faezel Management Inc, Regions Tower 2020
ATCO Investment Co. Regions Tower 2300
Ayres, Warren, Shelton & Williams Regions Tower 1400
Baldwin Madden Energy, LLC Regions Tower 1919
Bandwise, LLC Regions Building 505
Bowman Systems, LLC Regions Building 300,400
Broyles Group, LLC (The) Regions Tower 2121
Burk-Kleinpeter, Inc. Regions Tower 975
C. Scott Massey Regions Building 700
CenturyLink Regions Tower 525
Chesapeake Energy Regions Tower 1100
Compass Capital Management Regions Building 1115
Cook, Yancey, King & Galloway Regions Tower 1700
David Tyrrell Estate Regions Building 1120
Deep South Surplus, LLC Regions Tower 725
Downer, Huguet & Wilhite, LLC Regions Tower 1325
First National Banker's Bank Regions Tower 1280
Goldco Operating, LLC Regions Tower 521
Good Eats Downtown Regions Tower 125
Goodrich Petroleum Co. Regions Tower 1350
Great Southern Exploration LC Regions Tower 850
Grigsby Petroleum, Inc Regions Tower 2285
Hamilton Trust (The) Regions Building 701
Heard, McElroy & Vestal, LLP Regions Tower 1525
Hertz Investment Group, LLC Atrium A-250
Horace R. Ladymon Regions Tower 1235
Huggs Company Regions Tower 840
J.A. and J.S. Festervan, LLC
Regions Building                                                     
James B. Haynes
Regions Building 705
John J. Welsh
Regions Building 1108
Kevin Hammond Regions Building 1401
Kean Miller, LLP Regions Tower 450
KPMG LLP Regions Tower 1900
Leasing Office Regions Tower 1050
LGK Supply, LLC   Regions Building 1119
MetLife Financial Services Regions Tower 1225
Midroc Operating Co. Regions Building 1414
Michael Long Regions Building 1201
Milestone Energy, LLC Regions Building 516
Morgan Keegan & Company, Inc. Regions Tower 175
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Regions Tower 925
Muslow Oil & Gas Regions Tower 2222,2290
National Independent Trust Co. (Argent)    Regions Tower 699
Nuttree Oil company, LLC
Regions Building 602
OneBane Law Firm Regions Tower 1180
Premier Technical Services, LLC Regions Building 603
Property Management Office Atrium A-250
Pugh, Pugh & Pugh Regions Tower 2100
Regions Bank (Retail Bank Lobby) Regions Building 100
Regions Bank (Private Banking) Regions Tower 200
Regions Bank (Business Banking) Regions Tower 300
Regions Bank (ATM) Atrium Kiosk
Regions Center Management Office Atrium   A-250
Schoonover Investments Regions Tower 2230
Sealy and Company, Inc Regions Tower 1050
Sehoy Energy Regions Building 619
Shreveport Bossier Animal Rescue Regions Building 703
Shreveport Petroleum Data Association Regions Building 900
Stroud Production Regions Tower 860
Sutton, Mitchell, Beebe & Babin Regions Building 1200
Thomas Lynn Geneux Regions Building 1406
Timothy Hugh Marshall & Dirck E. Wuellner Regions Building 608
Universal Energy Regions Tower 1230
Viser Investments Regions Building 1112
Wheless Enterprises, LLC Regions Tower 890
Wiener, Weiss & Madison Regions Tower 2350,2400
William M. Comegys, III Regions Tower 825


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